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Founded 1984 by Patchwork Quilt. Other significant editors: Asynch & Mr. Spock
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"The World Harrier Organization is a state of mind - a friendship of kindred spirits joined together for a bit of hounds and hares sport, reliving their childhood or youth, releasing the tensions of everyday life, and generally acting a fool amongst others who will not judge you or measure you by anything more than your sense of humor."
Stray Dog
(from the World Harrier Organization Manual)
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InterHASHional News is the oldest Hash House Harriers newsletter/magazine founded by my friend Patchwork Quilt, kept alive by Asynch and Mr. Spock, picked up by myself with Mr. Spock's permission in 2001, it was dropped once again due to a hacker attack, but now it is back up and serving harriers around the world once again. You just cannot keep a good idea down. We recently published our July 2020 edition and our goal is to have our magazine's website back up and running even better than it was before.

If you wish to have access to more on the website, you will need to be a member or premium member, which you can get by clicking on WHO above and signing up on the World Harrier Organization Members page. Most importantly, come on back as we are working to provide a great site where harriers all around the world can find information, exchange ideas and articles, and more or less find a place to keep harriers around the world informed. Your letters, humor, articles and input are needed for this to succeed, so email them to the editor.
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Cheers and On On!
Stray Dog

Harrier and Haring since 1982
Editing international harrier publications since 1993
and oh yeah,
Grand Master of the World Harrier Organization

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